The Story So Far

Mom found an ad for me online and immediately jumped in her car and drove 4 hours to come meet me. When mom started playing with me, my little brother wouldn’t stop jumping up to see what was going on. He was definitely jealous. Mom was an easy push over and we both got to go home together with her. -Pebbles

Look at how little we are! This is when mom took us shopping for supplies on the way home from adopting us. I was 4lbs and Cub was only 3lbs!

Mom worked as a teacher at a code school and she brought us with her to work every day! We got to meet so many people and other dogs. It was a lot of fun but kind of exhausting!

We were more active than puppies our age normally were, so we scared the vet by shrinking in weight between our first and second visits. But mom just started giving us all the extra kibbles and everything was fine.

Pebbles was always so dramatic about being locked in her crate at night. She would chew on the bars and claw at the door while whining constantly. It was so annoying while I was trying to sleep. She wouldn’t stop either! Mom had to sleep on the floor with her fingers pressed into Pebbles’ cage or she wouldn’t calm down. I think it was almost 2 months before mom could sleep in her own bed again! -Cub

She definitely still does this! She hates being locked up more than anything! -Cub

As soon as we were old enough to get our shots, Mom started taking us to puppy classes once a week and to puppy playtime on the weekends. Playtime was lots of fun once we got the hang of it, even if we were usually the smallest ones there.

Pebbles got kicked out of puppy class the first time we signed up and the teacher called her a “sassy little diva with an attitude problem”. The second class we signed up for went better, and no other puppies signed up so we ended up with private lessons.